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 Strings by me

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PostajNaslov: Strings by me   pon lis 02, 2006 11:38 pm

Both heaven and hell are just places inside
you try to unfold, not quite sure how...

and snakes, they fall out of your eyes
cold, and dead and very afraid
of the snake they've seen inside
they no longer control you
no longer leave blind
no longer transform you
no longer lace placebo onto your scars
freedom feels good, yes freedom's just fine
it can be deadly, but it feels so alive
it's a land you've been dreaming to claim
unaware of the cold rocks it bears on its ground

"please god, my will, it is I
wide open wandering inside the cold ground
where the devil offers salvation for the lives of some friends
forces to believe in some answers to my questions
inflicts some wounds placebo won't mend
and tries to snare me with his fist into the dark
please god (you repeat), my will, it is I"
and then you're no longer heard, as we have reached the bright light of our parts
the snake inside you hisses like a rose-reawakened
scared it tries to hide
resisting in order to remain alive
resisting, unknowing of its leeches inside

both heaven and hell are just places inside
you try to unfold, not quite sure how
bot wishes and dreams are the beats of your heart
with your halo slipping to the size of your thighs
don't get too comfortable love, you might feel a stab from behind
from what you hold inside, and its hunger can't be denied
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PostajNaslov: Re: Strings by me   čet lis 05, 2006 11:45 pm

jako lipo......
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Strings by me
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