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Gackt Camui
Gackt Camui

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PostajNaslov: Gackt'lyrics   pon ruj 25, 2006 1:03 am

evo ja cu stavit jedan prijevod pjesme od gackta koja je za mene bozanska...pa komentirajte ili bar procitajte

The Last Song

We didn't understand each other and hurt each other over and over again
Even at those times you were always kind
I cut myself on the suddenly surrendered ring
As our promises to each other were not granted
"Even now I remember..."

The fading memories are too brilliant as always
I wanted to be closer by
We can't meet again but you were always close to hold me up
Just you, don't change yourself

I can't erase those last tears you showed me

Even if I disappear along with this white snow
I want to always bloom in your heart

We held each other close don't forget that warmth
Even if you love someone else
I'll never let go of the sound the last I heard of your voice
I want to fall into a deep sleep
The continually falling sadness changes into pure white snow
Through it all, I raised my head to the sky
Before this body disappears now, if my wish reaches you
Please hold me tight just once more

"Please hold me tight just once more..."

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